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Paper Towels For Bathrooms

Paper towels are the most used items in every public bathroom providing a convenient way to dry hands after washing. Not only that, they’re very useful for cleaning up spills and messes. The use of paper towels provide the following benefits:

Convenience: Paper towels are easy to use (especially from a dispenser) and easily disposable. They’re exceptional for people who are on the go.

Hygiene: Not only do paper towels reduce the risk of spreading germs but it’s more hygienic than using air dryers or other drying methods.

Cost-effective: Amongst other hand-drying and cloth options, paper towels are relatively inexpensive which makes them cost-effective to have in public bathrooms.

Easy Access: Paper towels provide an option for people with disabilities who may not be able to use air-dryers to dry their hands.

Folded Hand Paper Towels

Apex provides a wide variety of hand paper towels for commercial use including interleaved and dispenser hand towels. When it comes to comfort and hygiene, paper hand towels are your best choice. We stock leading brands such as Gentility, Duro, Caprice, Kleenex, Scott and more.

Order Paper Towels Online

Are you looking for paper towels in Melbourne? Apex Cleaning Supplies offer a premium range of bathroom and kitchen paper towels online.

If you have any enquiries about our products or would like to order in bulk get in touch with our friendly staff.