Gentility Slimline Interleave TAD Hand Towels


Gentility Slimline interleave hand towels are a high end TAD paper interleave towel available in a 4000 sheet bulk carton. Each sleeve inside the carton is bundled into lots of 200 for easy handling. The paper that these hand towels are made from is beautifully white, and has a fine diagonal piped weave with very high wet tear strength.
TAD (Through Air Drying) paper differentiates itself from standard light dry crepe (LDC) style papers by having twice the bulk and absorption capacity for the same basis weight. These two key factors alone are key to the success of TAD in making high end products. TAD paper is a market leading high performance paper making Gentility Slimline interleave hand towels a superior hand towel for your business.
The benefits of TAD paper also assist with keeping packaging smaller and lighter, giving rise to lower freight costs.
Sheet Size: 230mm x 230mm
Fold Width: 78mm
Sheets / Sleeve: 200
Sleeves / Carton: 20
Carton Qty: 4000


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