Scott Roll Towel Roll 18cm x 140m 8Rolls/Pack


Each Scott Roll Towel comes with 140m of hand towel so it is sure to be long lasting in your dispenser. You can use the roll to refill dispensers in your shared or public kitchen, bathroom or hand wash station so that people are able to dry their hands.

  • The hand roll is designed to be durable and absorbent to effectively dry hands.
  • The rolls will fit into dispensers and are easy to load.
  • This towel roll contains 60% recycled fibre content.
  • The hand roll is compatible with product code KI4941.
  • Each roll measures 18 cm x 140 m.
  • You can stock up with this 8 pack.
  • The rolls will fit into the Kimberly-Clark Towel Dispenser, known by the product code KI4941.
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