OSO Aluminium Foil 44cm x 150m


OSO Aluminium Foil
Size: 44cm x 150m

  • Dependability at a value for money price.
  • Seals in both freshness and flavour.
  • Spreads heat evenly to protect food from burning.
SKU:: CLA31102-1
OSO® quality foils for every food preparation, cooking and storage need.
  • End-of-Roll reminder sticker means never running out of foil too soon.
  • All Purpose grade ideal for covering pans, lining trays and preventing freezer burn of foods.
  • Heavy Duty grade for wrapping bulky goods, heating and cooking in ovens.
  • Extra Heavy Duty and Premium Heavy Duty grades where tear resistance is critical, such as wrapping meats on-the-bone and for longer term frozen storage.
  • The metallic barrier seals in both freshness and flavour and ensures even spread of heat without burning.
  • OSO® Foil is a practical product for the price savvy end-user.
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