Pink Pearl | Soft Pearl Pink Hand Wash


PINK PEARL is a gentle hand cleanser for use in kitchens, restaurants, washrooms and food factories where moderate to light soilage must be washed from the hands. PINK PEARL instantly produces a rich lather that floats away dirt and grime from the hands and leaves the skin soft and supple. PINK PEARL contains glycerine to enrich and care for the skin. It is slightly permufed.

Main Benefits

  • More economical than bar soaps because there is no waste, no pilferage and no over-use with PINK PEARL in the washroom soap dispensers
  • Gentle enough to be used throughout the day
  • Leave the hands soft and supple
  • Is an attractive, premium-quality liquid hand cleanser.
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Rose pink fragrance
For general hand cleaning


5L, 20L

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