Gentility Paper Roll Hand Towel 1 ply 100 m TAD 12 rolls Polybag


Through air drying (TAD) technology Air Drying Process is currently used for manufacturing premium tissue grade products.
Comparing to the conventional technology, TAD improves the paper’s softness and the absorbency.

So TAD products’ qualities supply a new alternative for all high end consumers.
On the other hand, TAD paper’s reasonable pricing creates more opportunities and possibilities for all types of customers.

The TAD Process avoids pressing drying method.
Instead, removing water first by vacuum and then passing hot air through the sheet makes the drying process more gentle and smooth.

Cost effective because you will use less than the non TAD process paper towels.

Folded 5 times, width after folding – around 5cm, good for narrow hand towel dispensers

  • Paper Roll Hand Towels Air Dry TAD Paper
  • 1 ply
  • 100 meter
  • Sheet Width 18 cm
  • White paper
  • 28 gsm
  • 12 Rolls per Polybag
  • Code: AC-0018
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