Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel 1L Pump


Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel
Size: 1L Pump

  • Kills Germs Fast
  • AQIUM GEL CONTAINS ETHANOL ABSOLUTE 70% v/v (from special methylated spirits)
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80% of infections are transmitted by touching.1

At the office, prior to lunch, on public transport, in hotel rooms, even from the keypads of ATM machines. You need to get rid of those germs fast and you’re not always right next to a cleanser and a bathroom sink. It’s here that AQIUM Gel can help.

AQIUM Gel is an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that kills germs without soap or water. With a variety of sizes, from a big 1 litre pump pack to a handy purse-sized bottle, you can use AQIUM Gel anywhere, anytime.

And because AQIUM Gel also contains moisturising agents it keeps hands soft and helps prevent dry skin.

You’ll find AQIUM Gel where hand cleansing is most important; in hospitals, schools and day care centres. In fact, AQIUM Gel is the No. 1 hand sanitiser sold in pharmacy.2

Whether it’s for yourself, your home or your business, isn’t it time that you tried AQIUM Gel?

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