Learn More About Bathroom Cleaning Products

Let’s face it, the bathroom isn’t anyone’s favourite place in the house to clean. But there’s no doubt it does need a regular cleaning with the right products. Not all cleaning products are created equal, so it’s essential you know exactly what you’re using and exactly how it’s helping.

Here are some key bathroom cleaning products that will leave all the bathrooms in your house fresh and clean, each and every time.

Scented Oil Plugin Refill

If there’s one way to keep a bathroom smelling nice, it’s by popping a diffuser in there like the Air Wick Diffuser item. The best thing about it is that you can set it to spray as often as you like. You can choose from 9, 18 or every 36 minutes, to ensure your bathroom stays nice and fresh in-between use. It’s the perfect added touch between cleans to keep your bathroom in the best condition possible while in use.

There are also plenty of different smells to choose from, including Lavender, Vanilla, Midnight Rose and Lemon/Lime.

Healthy Antibacterial Hand Wash

The best way to prevent the spread of germs in your home is to use Antibacterial Handwash cleaners. This will kill 99.9% of germs on any surface, including your hands. Having an antibacterial handwash available for daily use will also help keep your bathroom clean in the process.

As long as your entire family is washing their hands after each visit, the entire bathroom will stay fresh and clean for even longer.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If there’s one place in your bathroom that is constantly in need of a good scrub, it’s your toilet bowl. But it’s important you’re using the best cleaning products for the job such as the Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner. This product has rapid penetrating action, breaking down and cleaning any debris that has accumulated in there. The great part is, it’s not just for the toilet bowl. It can also be used around the rest of the toilet to break down the urine and any other stains to leave it as clean as possible.

After some tips when it comes to cleaning your toilet? Start by getting out your toilet brush, giving the bowl a scrub and then spraying/squirting it with cleaner. You want to let this sit a while to work its magic. While you’re waiting, go ahead and clean the rest of the toilet and come back to the bowl at the end.

ECO Friendly Mould and Dew

The bathroom is also the perfect place for mould to build up without you even realising. The concentrated formula of the ENZYME Wizard Mould & Mild Dew is specially designed for mould and dew in your bathroom, cleaning fungus, mould spores and mildew from all surfaces. Even better, it doesn’t contain any phosphates or other ingredients that might cause damage to your tiles or grouting in the process.

Don’t be afraid to scrub the walls around the bath and toilet. These areas often get missed, but can build up with dirt and grime from regular use.

Surface Cleaner

Another handy cleaning product to have on you is a multipurpose surface cleaner. These can cut through any grease and grime that may have built up over time, along with the inevitable soap scum that settles in through regular use. It kills 99.9% of germs, so you can rest-assured your bathroom is left nice and clean, and also has a great smell to it.

Your sink can get pretty dirty with toothpaste, a build up of soap, hair from shaving and plenty of dirt and grime that comes from washing hands. You want to make sure you spray the entire surface and cover everything, before giving it a good scrub. When you’re done, rinse it down to remove any leftover product.

You want to make sure you use the right cleaners mentioned above for the right job. Each one has different ingredients to tackle each job at hand and leave your bathroom sparkling clean. Make sure you also move anything on the sink and clean under it, as this is where the grime can build up unnoticed.

It’s important to make sure you carve out the time to clean your bathroom thoroughly and properly each and every time. With the right products, the job will take no time at all and you can enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.