Ultimate 2.0 ECO Urinal Fragrance Mat with Bio Block


ULTIMATE 2.0 is a revolutionary product combining the concept of biological technology with the world’s most exciting fragrance mat
This product is 100%recyclable.
1) Premium fragrance mat as well as helping to prevent drain blockages
2) World leading Biological Enzymatic Block
3) Place mat into the urinal with the block in an upright position with protrusions pointing upward
4) Replace mat every 30-33 days to ensure continuous protection from odour
5) Control led release of non-pathogenic bacteria to remediate all styles of urinals
6) Suitable for use in WATERLESS urinals.
7) Contains disposable glove for hygienic maintenance

Available in 5 different Fragrance


Fragrance mat


Cucumber Melon, Kiwi Grapefruit, Mango, Super Lime, Ocean Mist

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