Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder With Shelf



Dolphy toilet paper dispensers are designed to fit most sizes of toilet paper roll. These units are designed to withstand light to heavy paper quality with ease. Our toilet paper dispensers are convenient to use, hygienic, efficient and durable. Toilet paper roll dispensers are ideal for use in residential and commercial bathrooms.


  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder With Shelf
  • Product Code: DTPR0015/DTPR0016
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Tissue Paper Type: Single Toilet Paper Roll /Double Toilet Paper Roll

Features: ​

  • Heavy Duty Materials
  • Mobile Holder shelf
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Application: Hotel, Bathroom, Hospital, Restaurant
  • Space saving with a backboard, easy for installation with a small screw on the wall
  • Ideal for Toilets of hotels, resorts, clubs, stadiums, business establishments, offices, and other public areas.

Single, Double

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