AutoWash | Professional Auto Dishwashing Liquid


Product Description

What is AutoWash?

AutoWash is an excellent cleaner for glass-ware, crockery, and cutlery in larger institutional dishwashing machines.

How does it work?

AutoWash is an industrial strength dishwash detergent, designed to be dispensed into large institutional dishwashing machines through the Detergent Dispenser Unit. This unit constantly meters the wash water and maintains the correct detergent concentration at all times.

For use on…

AutoWash is a high-performance detergent that provides excellent cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery. AutoWash controls staining and leaves dishes spotlessly clean. AutoWash is specially designed for use in hard-water areas. Standard dishwash detergents cannot cope with very hard water and eventually they allow scale to build up in the dishwasher. AutoWash contains special water softeners to prevent the formation of scale.

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