Air Wick Aerosol Sparkling Citrus 237g


Say goodbye to foul smells and unwelcome odours with the Air Wick® aerosol spray that acts in seconds to neutralise unpleasant smells as well as enhance every room with a vivid sparkling citrus scent. The mouth-watering scents are an inviting and pleasant addition to almost any living area – making it ideal for everyday use in the office, workplace, and home.
  • Pleasant sparking citrus scent
  • 237g
  • Perfect for improving the scent of any room


SKU:: RB0341747-1
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Air Wick aerosols are the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and bring a burst of freshness to any room in your home. Air Wick neutralises odours in seconds, leaving a delightful and lasting fragrance in your home.


Each (1 X 237g), Carton (12 x 237g)

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