Air Wick Aerosol Lavender Air Freshener Propellant Free 237g


Create a welcoming space in seconds with the Air Wick Aerosol lavender air freshener! Simply spray into the air to neutralise unpleasant odours and leave behind the fresh smell of lavender for up to 1-hour. The mouth-watering scents are an inviting and pleasant addition to almost any living area—making it ideal for everyday use, whenever you want a hit of pleasant freshness!
  • Neutralises odours & enhances the air – perfect for bathrooms, living areas
  • Enhances the air up to 1-hour fragrance
  • Leaves behind a pleasant, enjoyable and welcoming scent
  • A unique fragrance

Air Wick Aerosol Spray
Fragrance: Lavender
Size: 237g
Qty: 1

SKU:: RB0341748-1
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Air Wick aerosols are the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and bring a burst of freshness to any room in your home. Air Wick neutralises odours in seconds, leaving a delightful and lasting fragrance in your home.


Each (1 X 237g), Carton (12 x 237g)

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