GERMSHILD | AntiBacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel



GERMSHILD is a thick anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that kills germs on the skin. It contains 75%  ethyl alcohol, which reduces the level of germs on the skin safely and effectively.

Key Benefits

  • No water needed. Just apply and rub it in.
  • GERMSHILD leaves the hands soft and refreshed
  • GERMSHILD is antibacterial
  • Rinse-free and non-sticky

How Does It Work?

Transient germs – those that are picked up on your hand by making contact with other people or surfaces – sometimes cause
illness. Washing your hands with soap and water removes these germs. GERMSHILD kills transient germs and is an excellent
option if soap and water are not available.

For Use On…

GERMSHILD is a sanitiser for the hands. It is especially important to practise good hand hygiene –

  • After using the toilet
  • Before eating or drinking
  • Before and after handling raw fish, poultry and eggs
  • After using public facilities, such as phones, public transport, ATM’s, lifts or escalators.
  • In schools and child-care centres
  • After changing nappies
  • When you or others are sick
  • After shaking hands
  • After sneezing or coughing.
  • GERMSHILD is for external use only.