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SKU:: ECO-7101608-12

Hospital grade disinfectant – ARTG 340994

Asepti Active Wipes contain three actives including two lastest technology QAC’s effective against traditionally QAC resistant
Asepti Active Wipe is a broad spectrum bactericide effective against VRE & MRSA and has virucidal efficacy against Human Coronavirus, COVID-19
[SARS-CoV-2] and Influenza A.
Asepti Active Wipes were evaluated in accordance with the TGA test for Hospital Grade Disinfectants under “dirty conditions”, thereby
approved for use as a “single step” clean and disinfect.
Asepti Active Wipes’ ready to use formats are simple and easy to use, they ensure the correct concentration of chemistry is available
in each application and reduce the risk of cross contamination.
Asepti Active Wipes are conveniently packed and easy to use, no lint, no foam.
Asepti Active Wipes are compatible with Asepti Active Liquid.
A range of dispensers to suit the flat pack and pail format are also available encouraging accessibility and promoting usage