DISHKLEEN | Automatic Dishwashing Powder


DISHKLEEN is a commercial strength dishwash powder for automatic warewash machines. Chlorinated and boosted with powerful cleaning agents. It will remove all food residues without harming surfaces.

Main Benefits

  • It is fully biodegradable.
  • It dissolves readily.
  • It gives sparkling, hygienically clean dishes and glasses.
  • A concentrated white sanitizing dishwashing powder containing a blend of high active ingredients, designed to prevent and remove tannin build up in cups and mild enough for glassware.
  • Ideal through any domestic and industrial dishwashing machine.

Product Use

DISHKLEEN is an industrial strength dishwash powder for use in dishwashing MACHINES in restaurants, hotels, canteens and cafeterias.
DISHKLEEN is a high-performance detergent that gives excellent cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery. It is a chlorinated powder that dissolves easily and releases powerful cleaning agents to remove all
food residues without harming surfaces.
DISHKLEEN cleans dishes and leaves them sparkling and streak-free, hygienically sanitised and odour-free, all in one operation. The water-softening agents prevent scaling in the machine and keep the jets system clear. Note: Polished or anodised coloured aluminiumware, lead crystal and hand painted china may be affected by machine dishwashing – please follow manufacturer’s directions for washing these items.

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