Keep Your Workplace Safe and Clean with Apex

Keep Your Workplace Safe and Clean with Apex

A clean workplace lends itself to a healthy workforce, and in the past few months this has never been more important. With a global pandemic changing the way we go about our business; it is essential to put the focus on workplace hygiene and safety. With the right products, you have the ability to maintain a clean and safe environment for both your staff members and clients, keeping those doors open for the long term.

Importance of a Healthy Workplace

Workplace cleanliness goes beyond just the physical health of your employees. While it has always been commonplace to ensure the work environment is cleaned frequently to a high standard, we now need to also protect our employees. Encouraging flawless hygiene throughout the workplace not only stops the spread of illness, it also reflects positively on your business. For the sake of both your reputation and the health and wellbeing of everyone involved, excellent workplace hygiene policies offer many benefits. It comes down to equipping your business with the right products to ensure everyone’s safety.

Choosing the Right Products

Apex offers an extensive range of quality cleaning and protection products that will keep your employees and customers safe, while ensuring the highest safety standards are met.

Personal Protective Equipment

If your employees are facing clients and customers on a daily basis, then it is best to equip them with the right PPE to keep them safe. While PPE has regularly been used in many industries, such as construction, medical and so on, it is now necessary in everyday jobs to help limit the spread of germs.


Masks have been commonly used throughout medical, health and beauty and the dental industries for years now. With the new concerns brought on through COVID-19, they are now mandatory in some States of Australia, while highly recommended in others. Providing all your staff with masks on a daily basis ensures their protection and reflects positively on your business for the role it plays in stopping the spread of illness.

  • Medicom Premier Earloop Masks: these low barrier masks are frequently used in the dental, medical and health and beauty industries. They feature non-woven layers with a pleat design that prevent cross-contamination. They are both soft and strong with plenty of room for a comfortable fit.
  • Medicom SafeMask Premier: if you are looking for an option with more coverage, these masks are designed for higher risk patients. For times when moderate levels of spray, spatter and airborne parties are expected, they offer complete protection to keep employees and customers safe.


Gloves are another product that have been used in certain industries for years now. They are the perfect way to avoid germs being transferred from surface to surface and offer protection for both employees and customers. Disposable gloves can be changed throughout the day depending on the task at hand to ensure long lasting protection around the workplace.

  • Medicom SafeTouch Advanced Platinum Gloves: These nitrile gloves provide both comfort and protect through their ergonomic design. They are puncture resistant and have a high tear strength to ensure maximum protection. These gloves are most used in dental, medical and health and beauty industries and are latex free.
  • Medicom SafeBasics Medical Examination Glove: made from all-natural rubber latex, they feature textured fingertips that help with grip and improve control.


One of the easiest ways to ensure surfaces are always kept clean is by having wet wipes on hand. They are quick and easy to use, can be accessed by everyone in the workplace and are disposable. By cleaning surfaces after every use, it ensures the spread of germs is kept to a minimum.

  • Ecolab Asepti Active Wipes: these hospital-grade disinfectant wipes offer great protection against germs. They are conveniently packed and easy to use with no foam, so your surface is clean and ready to use straight away.
  • Sabco Antibacterial Disposable Surface Wipes: these wipes have been specially formulated to break down and remove germs from a surface. With a citrus scent, they will leave the workplace smelling better than ever, with a convenient design that offers easy storage and use.

Workplace Hygiene

In our current times, workplace hygiene is of the utmost important. This extends to how we are protecting our employees and customers and ensuring their safety daily. There are plenty of ways you can look at to increase the health and hygiene measures in your workplace. It’s important to consider the needs of your employees and the tasks they carry out on each and every day. By examining who they come into contact with and where cross contamination is likely to take place, you can find the correct measures to protect them. With a few added simple measures in place, you can make sure your workplace is a safe and healthy one.